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ImageMixer™ DVD Upgrade




DVD Upgrade

Author and Burn Pictures and Movies in DVD Quality

The DVD Upgrade has additional features which enable content to be saved in DVD quality onto DVD discs. This can then be played back in any DVD compatible player, making a great way to preserve and share those precious memories.


ImageMixer™ mini DVD Dubbing 8-12





Convert your mini DVDs to full sized DVDs!

ImageMixer™ mini DVD Dubbing 8-12 makes converting all your mini 8 cm DVDs to regular sized 12 cm DVDs easy.

All DVD camcorders use 8 cm or mini DVD discs to record video and still images. Most home and PC DVD players do not support this unique format. ImageMixer™ mini DVD Dubbing 8-12 transfers data from 8 cm to 12 cm DVDs in its original file format. under ImageMixer™ mini DVD Dubbing 8-12 makes converting all your mini 8 cm DVDs to regular sized 12 cm DVDs easy.


ImageMixer™ CD DVD Label Maker New Version 3.14 





CD DVD Label Maker

  • Ability to write to multiple LightScribe™ drives simultaneously
  • Ability to handle PNG images with alpha layers
  • Opacity control for text backgrounds
  • Support for half-height DVD cases
  • And more!

  • lightscribe

    Professional Labels for Your Video and Audio Collections

    With ImageMixer™ CD DVD Label Maker, you can create your own labels and jewel cases with the ultimate in ease and flexibility. Add your own, original art or use the free, eye catching templates. Wizards help you import album and song titles from audio play lists, making your final result an appealing visual arrangement. Supports many different stock labels and direct to disc print scribing.


    PixeZoom™ Windows 


    Enlarge your image without quality deterioration!

    PixeZoom™ is an image scaling Plug-in for Photoshop® CS3. Using Pixela unique scaling technology, PixeZoom produces higher quality and smoother edge than Photoshop's scaling methods or other third party products.  


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