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ImageMixer™ 3 Mac Edition  




ImageMixer™ 3 Mac Edition


“ImageMixer 3” is a software for creating DVD-Video discs with the original contents by importing the videos to Mac.

With “ImageMixer 3”, creating DVD titles
can never be difficult.  
Play back the titles on a supported DVD player and
enjoy watching the titles with everyone!.

This product is compatible with Dolby Digital 5.1ch. 


PixeBurn! for HD  




PixeBurn! for HD


“PixeBurn! for HD” enables you to write videos recorded in AVCHD standard onto DVD or BD discs without changing the picture quality

You can easily write a disc by connecting the camcorder and following the steps displayed in the screen.

Download trial and see the difference!


Pixe VRF Browser




Pixe VRF Browser


View, Edit and Create Professional DVDs with Precise Frame by Frame Editing Support

While most editing software only supports GOP (Group of Picture) unit editing, VRF Browser supports highly precise frame editing. Just like more expensive professional software, frame editing allows for finer, more accurate editing than GOP, enabling you to precisely splice and edit specific scenes.

Pixela's Pixe VRF Browser also supports viewing and editing of popular DVD formats not supported by Mac. Now, any movie recorded in the Video Recording Standard is readable.

Use VRF Browser as the first step in the Capty DVD workflow or as your favorite viewer in conjunction with your favorite editing program.


Capty MPEG Edit EX




Capty MPEG Edit EX


Precise Frame by Frame Video and Sound Track Editing with Dolby Digital Support

With the advanced editing features of Capty MPEG Edit EX software, you can now create professional quality DVDs at an affordable price.  High performance frame by frame video and sound track editing features, witth Dolby Digital support, allow you to tell your story the way you want it, without compromise.


This software is manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories.

For Capty MPEG Edit EX compatible with Sony HDD camcorders (Capty MPEG Edit EX Dolby Digital 5.1), click here.


Capty DVD/VCD 2




Capty DVD/VCD 2


The complete solution for creating interactive DVD menus

Creating menus for your DVDs has never been easier. Capty DVD/VCD 2 creates professional title menus with your favorite images, buttons and sounds. Use your own images or select from an abundance of ready made professional templates. Capty DVD/VCD 2 is the final touch in creating your own professional DVDs.

For Capty DVD/VCD 2 compatible with Sony HDD camcorders, click here.







Watch your movies on iPod!

monoConverter is a file conversion software for iPod which allows you to view on your iPod, TV programs recorded by TV capturing products and/or movies recorded on HDD (Hard Disc) camcorders.



mono DVD





Simplified DVD-Video authoring software

mono DVD can create a DVD disc of movie files recorded with your JVC Everio camcorder.
mono DVD can read movie files and allows you to arrange the file order. You can then easily create a DVD by just clicking button.


ImageMixer DVD Upgrade




DVD Upgrade

Author and Burn Pictures and Movies in DVD Quality

The DVD Upgrade has additional features which enable content to be saved in DVD quality onto DVD discs. This can then be played back in any DVD compatible player, making a great way to preserve and share those precious memories.


PixeZoom™ Mac 


Enlarge your image without quality deterioration!

PixeZoom™ is an image scaling Plug-in for Photoshop® CS3. Using Pixela unique scaling technology, PixeZoom produces higher quality and smoother edge than Photoshop's scaling methods or other third party products.  


Download trial and see the difference!



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Watch your movies on iPod!


About Capty


The Capty Series for Mac is designed to be an integrated solution to your DVD workflow. Keep all your DVD authoring software in one box and order the complete suite of software products.






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