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Pixela IEEE 1394 (Firewire) to USB 2.0 Digital Video (DV) Transfer Cable Now Available Online



ImageMixer LabelMaker Now Available for Download Online


Pixela ImageMixerTM DVD Upgrade Now Available for Sony Users


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ImageMixer LabelMaker Now Available for Download Online

Toronto, Canada - September 30, 2005 - TargetCast Inc., a leading multimedia software development management and consulting company, today announced the worldwide availability of ImageMixer™ LabelMaker, software for creating original labels and jewel case inserts for CD and DVD discs.

ImageMixer LabelMaker is an easy-to-use software that allows users to author their own labels.   The download is available for US$29.95 for the Windows® version from Pixela’s e-store at  A free trial version is also available.

"ImageMixer LabelMaker is a great software for authoring your own CD and DVD labels.  It is easy to use with wizards which can help you create unique labels and case inserts.”, said Nick Kovac, president of TargetCast Inc.  “For people who enjoy burning CDs and DVDs, this is a very good addition to their needs.  It supports many different stock labels and jewel case templates and you can also import custom art or your own photographs. You can create your own pieces of art which let you express your own originality and personality.  Using ImageMixer LabelMaker for gift CDs and DVDs is a great idea – your family and friends will appreciate them a lot.

ImageMixer LabelMaker also provides support for iPod®’s iTunes® function – LabelMaker can read playlists in the iTunes, getting rid of the need to export them manually.  With a simple click on the "iTunes" button on the Tracks dialog, LabelMaker will read in all iTunes playlists directly from the iTunes library and display them.

About Pixela Corporation

Founded in 1982, Pixela Corporation is a leading manufacturer of PC peripheral hardware and developer of software solutions – from driver development to complete multimedia applications – for digital cameras, color printers and other input peripherals.  Pixela's products are sold worldwide and support a broad range of hardware input/output devices, and the Windows, Macintosh and Linux platforms.  The company has established strong OEM relationships with Canon, Sony, Matsushita Electric, JVC, Hitachi, Fuji-Xerox, Fujitsu, Kyocera, Fuji Film, and Sharp. Pixela has offices in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan, and in Shanghai, China.

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About TargetCast Inc.

Founded in 2002, TargetCast Inc. is an international sales and marketing consulting firm based in Toronto, Canada.  TargetCast focuses on building distribution channels for high-tech companies in Asia and North America.  TargetCast represents Pixela Corporation and is responsible for marketing and sales activities outside of Japan.

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 - DVD-R HG 5 Pack
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Firewire to USB2.0 DV Transfer Cable



It's the only one like it in the world!

The DV to USB 2.0 Transfer Cable is designed to provide superior image quality and blazing fast transfer times. It's patented micro chip technology within the cable module converts data from a firewire connection to USB 2.0 connection.


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