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PixeZoom™ Mac 


Enlarge your image without quality deterioration!

PixeZoom™ is an image scaling Plug-in for Photoshop® CS3. Using Pixela unique scaling technology, PixeZoom produces higher quality and smoother edge than Photoshop's scaling methods or other third party products.  


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PixeZoom™ uses unique scaling algorithm and automatically enlarges your image without quality deterioration.

  • Smoother edge and line interpolation
  • Adjustable accent edge function
  • Adjustable noise reduction function

(Original Image 250 pixel~250 pixel)


Adobe® PhotoShop® CS3 (Bicubic scaling method)
Enlarge to 1000 pixel~1000 pixel
Rough edge


PixeZoom™ 1000 pixel~1000 pixel
Smoother edge


Save Option

 Please save images in JPEG, TIFF, or BMP format. When saving in JPEG or TIFF, please select the options of image compression.


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