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Vol. 1, No. 1, September 5, 2005
Warning! Don't let your images fade away on CD or DVD!
As many of you, like me, are using ImageMixer to archive your photographs and share them with friends and family, I want to bring your attention to the quality of media you are using. In recent years, all you see in the store are specials for hundreds of blank CDs at very, very low prices. What the average person, and major retailers such as BestBuy and WalMart, for that matter, don't realize, is that low-cost CD-Rs and DVD media do not have a long shelf life. There have been reports that some CD-Rs are unreadable in as little as two years.
We all have a shoe box somewhere with old photos of our grandparents, parents and relatives. Even if those photos are a bit faded, they still bring us joy to see them. What are we going to do to preserve our digital memories for the future generations? Computer disks crash, files are accidentally deleted by our kids, or a virus takes hold of our systems. What are we doing to back up those images?
To give you a bit of background, when a CD is written, the writing laser "burns" the dye on the disk, which becomes darkened to represent a "1" while a "0" will be left blank. If the dye fades, there is no difference between the zeros and the ones. You may put a CD or DVD in your player one day to find that the player has nothing to read.
Recently, I decided to join forces with Maxell and offer Maxell's products to the ImageMixer customer base. Maxell has a long history of providing the best technology and the best quality media in the market. Maxell's media products are very much in tune with market needs and are highly rated by third parties.
Maxell has just launched two new products which we are featuring on The CD-Rpro Photo is ideal for photo and video archiving and it can hold up to 700 MB (approx. 580 digital photos). Each disk is also Triple Coated™ for maximum scratch resistance (my kids love to use disks as coasters and frisbees so this feature provides much-needed protection). But the most attractive attribute for those who are archiving images, is that Maxell claims an archival life up to 100 years! (mention the predicted archival life for an average CD)
The second product is called DVD-R(+R also available) High Grade Video. This is for those of you using ImageMixer DVD Edition to author DVDs. DVD High Grade Video media features an advanced hard-coated surface that provides 40 times more scratch resistance for superior durability, ensuring the enhanced quality performance for recorded home videos.
Maxell makes the best blank media on the market and we highly recommend to ImageMixer customers to use the best when archiving their memories.
Authoring DVDs is a snap!
If you are interested in taking advantage of the 4.7 GB of space available on DVD for archiving, I highly recommend that you upgrade your ImageMixer to the DVD Edition.
Upgrading your software does not mean that you will necessarily get better image quality. The DVD format certainly can accept the high quality of video available; however, you must make sure you start off with the correct source images.
Many of you are using USB cables which came with your Video Camera. The video captured through the USB cable is only of "MPEG1" quality so when played back, the video appears a little bit "fuzzy".
Sample To get the same quality of video thatís in your video camera, make sure you connect your camera and PC with a DV1394 or Firewire cable. Alternatively, if you have a USB2.0 port on your computer, you can use Pixela's DV to USB2.0 capture cable (see for details).
The video which you capture on your PC is in the "DV" video format. ImageMixer DVD Edition has all the tools which will help you edit the DV Video, render it in MPEG2 and then burn into on to DVD.
ImageMixer Label Maker is proud to introduce ImageMixer LabelMaker to its successful product line. Imagemixer LabelMaker makes it easy to create professional looking CD and DVD labels with matching jewel cases with the ultimate in ease and flexibility.
  • Import art from tons of stock graphics or use your own images.
  • Print on standard paper or direct to CD.
  • Easily print CD/DVD labels and matching jewel case covers.
  • Automatically import your play lists into appealing arrangements.
  • Easily fit 200 music track lists on a single CD.
  • Impressive spiral and curved text support.
  • Wizards help create your label and jewel cases.
  • Supports many different stock labels and jewel case templates.


Use the following coupon code and receive15% off of the advertised price.
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