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  Free Update:  ImageMixer for Sony Version 1.5  
The CD writing function is now compatible with the Automatic Recognition function (generic mode).

The Automatic Recognition function judges whether or not a drive is MMC compliant, allowing writing with drives other than the officially compatible drives.
Please note that we do not guarantee writing in regards to all drives.

Resolved the error that occurred when writing to CD-R using "Direct Conversion" in the EZ Video CD mode.

  Free Update: ImageMixer for Sony DVD Handycam  
  • New DVD drives have been added to the Compatible Drives List.
  • Corrected noise that occurs in transition between movies, which is output in MPEG-2 edited by setting MPEG movies and WAVE files on the picture and audio timelines respectively in the Movie Editing Environment.
  • Corrected a slightly quick sound caused by the link between movies in the Movie Editing Environment.
  • Corrected phenomenon that the DVD disc, created in the DVD Creation Mode, containing a new movie created from movies and still images in the Movie Editing Environment stops playback in your DVD Handycam camera.
  • Corrected phenomenon that the PC enters Standby mode after output by DVD authoring.
  • Corrected the installation in French displaying Spanish.

  Replacement Software  
  You may purchase missing or replacement software directly from the SONY Parts Center web site, or phone number below. They will also be able to assist you regarding the correct part number, price, shipping terms and product availability:

Phone: 1 (800) 488-7669




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