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What is monoConverter?


System Requirements







Watch your movies on iPod!

monoConverter is a file conversion software for iPod which allows you to view on your iPod, TV programs recorded by TV capturing products and/or movies recorded on HDD (Hard Disc) camcorders.


System Requirements


Product Specifications

Compatible Formats

Files that meet the following criteria:


- File Format: MPEG-2 or MPEG-1

- Resolution: 720 X 480 or lower

- Video Bit Rate: 15Mbps or lower

- Audio Bit Rate: 384kbps or lower

- Audio Sampling Rate: 48kHz or lower

- File Length: 6 hours or shorter


* Quick Time file formats (MOV, DV, AVI) are also compatible, but conversion sometimes may not be executed properly.


* Movies with “Dolby Digital” audio format are not supported.


* MPEG files created by Pixela’s “Pixe VRF Browser EX” or “Capty MPEG Edit EX” containing “Dolby Digital” audio format are not supported.


System Requirements

Operating System

Mac  OS X 10.3.9, 10.4.1 to 10.4.6

*Not compatible with Mac OS X Server.


PowerPC G4 800MHz or higher

PowerPC G5

Intel Core processor


256MB RAM or more
(512MB or more recommended)


1024 X 768 pixels or higher. Full color recommended.

Hard Disc

Disc space required for installation of this product: Approx. 10MB or more

When monoConverter is in operation, start-up disc space of 1GB or more is required. For file conversion, free space of 1MB or more is required for each playback second.


Quick Time 7.0.3 or higher

iTunes version 6 or higher

*If you need iTunes version 6 or higher, please visit Apple’s website.


Product Limitations

  • Some files may not be successfully converted to file formats supported by monoConverter. Thumbnails may not be correctly displayed.
  • Movies with AC3 audio format are not supported.
  • Files may not be converted properly or may not be transferred to iTunes, if this is your first time using iTunes or if you have not finished the configuration with “iTunes Setup Assistant”.




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