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Maxell is the one source for all of your blank media needs. For audio, video or data storage, Maxell provides unsurpassed quality and reliability. Maxell also supports you with a full line of accessory and battery products. Here you will find the broadest product offering in the industry.





CD-R Music
The ultimate digital recording media is perfect for making copies of full sized, pre-recorded CDs or for recording CD music mixes. CD-R Music is a write-once format and can only be recorded one time. It is available in a variety of colors to help organize your audio library.


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Leading manufacturers of DVD Camcorders recommend the use of hardcoat media for optimal performance.
Hard Coated - 40x more scratch resistant


20x more dust repellent
Extended archival life


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Recordable / One-time recording.

Perfect for storing digital pictures and transferring home movie
Ideal for capacity intensive multimedia projects, data transfer and archival storage


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iPod Accessories



Maxell’s iPod® line offers a range of accessories for the iPod® and iPod® Mini. You’ll find the highest quality coupled with great features and affordable prices for every item from the Universal Recharging Dock to the Digital Ear Buds. Many items are also compatible with MP3 and other portable media players.


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P2004 One Hour Charger

Ideal for digital and other high drain applications, such as digital cameras, PDAs, portable CD players and digital toys
1-Hr Charger with LED/Battery Fuel Gauge
Charger includes four (4) 2,300 mAh cells
Retractable plug, compact design


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Noise Cancellation Headphones
Eliminates up to 95% of sounds that interfere with your listening pleasure

Enhanced audibility of distinct tones for a truer audio representation

Reduces distortion resulting from over-amplification


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