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ImageMixer LabelMaker


DVD/CD LabelMaker

Professional Labels for Your Video and Audio Collections

With ImageMixer LabelMaker, you can create your own labels and jewel cases with the ultimate in ease and flexibility. Add your own, original art or use the free, eye catching templates. Wizards help you import album and song titles from audio play lists, making your final result an appealing visual arrangement. Supports many different stock labels and direct to disc print scribing.


Free Art Packs


To download an art pack, click on the download link below.  Once downloaded, run the installer to use the art packs with ImageMixer LabelMaker.


Art Pack 3 - Pattern

Big Buttons, Boogie Blobs, Faux Woodcut, Lunarscape



The above images are a sample from the
full 50 images available in Art Pack 3.




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Free Art Packs



LabelMaker Art


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