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General - Question: Using Hitachi DVD camcorder files with Apple’s iMovie and iDVD


How can I use my Hitachi DZGX3000 series DVD camcorder files with Apple’s iMovie and iDVD?


General - Answer


Apple’s iMovie and iDVD were not designed to work with MPEG files which have become popular with the invention of DVD and HDD camcorders like the Hitachi DZGX3000 series.

Pixela’s Capty MPEG Edit EX can convert files from MPEG-2 format (used in the DZGX3000 series) to Digital Video (DV) format so that you can easily import your files into Apple’s iMovie and iDVD applications.


Making a DVD with Pixela’s Pixe VRF Browser, Capty MPEG Edit EX, iMovie and iDVD

To transfer your files to DVD using iMovie and iDVD, you need to take the following steps:

  1. Transfer your files from the DVD camcorder using Pixela Pixe VRF Browser to your MAC
  2. Open the files you transferred to your MAC with Pixela Capty MPEG Edit EX
  3. Select “Create Menu”
  4. Select “DV Stream” in the “Format” Menu
  5. Select “Execute”
  6. Open resulting file in iMovie or iDVD and edit and author as usual


Diagram 1 – Capty MPEG Edit EX User Interface

Diagram 2 – “Create” Menu from Capty MPEG Edit EX



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