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ImageMixer VCD2 LE (IMxVCD2 LE) is a software for creating Video CDs and CD Albums using still images, movies and sound captured from sources such as Digital Cameras, Digital Video Cameras, and Audio CDs. Video CDs created with IMxVCD2 can be viewed on TV using a Video CD compliant DVD player, allowing your family and friends to recall those memorable moments even if they don't have a computer.

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The following downloads are  for users of ImageMixer for Fujifilm Version VCD2 LE

ImageMixer DVD Upgrade Fujifilm Version VCD2 LE

The DVD Upgrade has additional features which enable content to be saved in DVD quality onto DVD disc. This can then be played back in any DVD compatible player, making a great way to preserve and share those precious memories.

DVD Upgrade for Fujifilm VCD2 LE (Win)    

DVD Upgrade for Fujifilm VCD2 LE (Mac)    

Note: Requires installation of ImageMixer for Fujifilm Version VCD.

ImageMixer LabelMaker

Imagemixer LabelMaker is a new product and is great for creating your own CD labels and jewel cases with the ultimate in ease and flexibility:.

1.  ImageMixer DVD Upgrade Fujifilm Version VCD
2.  ImageMixer LabelMaker

The bundle includes the DVD Upgrade for Fujifilm Version VCD (Win) and Imagemixer LabelMaker. Currently, ImageMixer LabelMaker is available for the Windows operating environment only.



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