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Sales (Placing orders, problem with a download link, lost license key (serial number))


All payments for are handled by our payment processor, Element 5.

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Element 5 e-sales provides order processing and support in 11 languages. Global payment options include major credit and debit cards, wire transfer, check and cash.


Orders can be made online, through, or by the following telephone numbers:


Toll Free North America: 1 800 406 4966
Fax North America: (952) 646 4552
Tel International: + 49 221 31088 30
Fax International: + 49 221 31088 29
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese


Technical Support


For frequently asked questions and answers regarding the ImageMixer and Capty Line of products, please visit our FAQ and Help Center.

FAQ and Help Center 


The FAQ and Help Center will provide you with free updates, product upgrades, downloads, manuals and replacement software.

For technical support issues not covered in the FAQ and Help Center, please contact our Technical Support Center at the following telephone numbers:

*Excluding ImageMixer™ CD DVD Label Maker and Irodio Morpheus Photo Animation Suite.


Toll Free North America:
1 800 458 4029
(9:00-18:00 PST, Mon-Sun)
+ 44 1489 564 764
(9:00-18:00 GST, Mon-Fri)
+ 63 2 438 0090
(8:00-17:00 Philippines Local Time, Mon-Fri)


Replacement Software


In order to obtain a replacement copy of the original software that came bundled with your camera, please contact the camera manufacturer.

Sony: 1 800 488 7669 (USA)
1 877 899 7669 (Canada)
JVC: 1 800 882 2345 (USA)
Fujifilm: 1 800 800 3854 (USA)
1 866 818 3854 (Canada)
Olympus: 1 888 553 4448 (USA & Canada)


Customer Inquiries (How to order and product refunds)


For customer inquires related to products and sales (not for technical support).


Toll Free North America:
1 866 749 3521
International: +1 416 447 9456
Hours of Operation: 9:30-18:00 EST
(Eastern Standard Time) Mon-Fri



Product Refunds

  To request a refund, please download and submit the following document.



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