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Capty DVD/VCD 2


Capty DVD/VCD 2


The complete solution for creating interactive DVD menus

Creating menus for your DVDs has never been easier. Capty DVD/VCD 2 creates professional title menus with your favorite images, buttons and sounds. Use your own images or select from an abundance of ready made professional templates. Capty DVD/VCD 2 is the final touch in creating your own professional DVDs.


System Requirements


System Requirements

Compatible models iMacDV and later Macintosh series models with a FireWire port as a standard equipment (except for Power Mac G4 PCI graphics models)
Operating System Mac OS X v10.2.6 - OS X v10.2.8
Mac OS X v10.3.6 - OS X v10.3.9
Mac OS X v10.4.1 - OS X v10.4.2
Memory 128MB RAM or more
(256MB or more recommended)
Hard Disk For the workspace, three times as much free space as the disc you wish to compile (When writing a complete disc, approximately 15GB of memory is required for a single-sided, single-layered disc and approximately 30GB for a single-sided, double-layered one.)

1024 x 768 pixels or above, full color recommended

Other To compile a disc, you need a separate recording device suited to your requirements. An environment that supports a recording device is also necessary.
In order to compile a disc from DVD or VCD images, PIXELA's "PixeBurn! 3"(In "PixeBurn! 3", double layers are not supported.). An environment that supports the respective software is also required.
"Capty DVD/VCD 2" supports single-sided, double-layered disc creation.
When creating single-sided, double-layered discs, writing software and a drive that supports double-layered discs are required. In addition, the operating environment recommended by each software and drive manufacturer is also required. Please check the PIXELA website for information regarding supported drives.

Authoring Specifications

Video CD
Title Menu Max. 30 per disc Max. 30 per disc  
Movie Buttons Max. 97 per disc Max. 97 per disc Title buttons including movie buttons and slideshow buttons.
Max. 6 per Title Menu Max. 6 per Title Menu
Slideshow Buttons Max. 97 per disc Max. 97 per disc  
Max. 6 per Title Menu Max. 6 per Title Menu  
Chapter Menu
Max. 30 per movie  
Chapter Buttons
Max. 6 per Chapter Menu  
Recording Time
(for MPEGs using software encoding)
Approx. 70 minutes Max. 2 hours Depends on the video bitrate and sound compression format.
Recording Time
(for MPEGs recorded with Capty/CaptyTV)
Approx. 70 minutes Approx. 6 hours MPEG standard quality,
MPEG-1 Audio Layer-2
Recorded Sound Format MPEG-1 Audio Layer-2 PCM
MPEG-1 Audio Layer-2
Dolby Digital
Recorded Video Format
(for MPEGs recorded with Capty/CaptyTV)
NTSC: 352x240
PAL: 352x288

NTSC: 720x480
NTSC: 704x480
NTSC: 352x480
NTSC: 352x240
PAL: 720x576
PAL: 704x576
PAL: 352x576
PAL: 352x288

Encoding NTSC: 29.97fps/1.15Mbps
PAL: 25fps/1.15Mbps
NTSC: 29.97fps/4-8Mbps
PAL: 25fps/4-8Mbps
Compatible File Formats:
Still Images
Picture formats supported by QuickTime (excluding GIF)
Compatible File Formats: Movies Movie formats supported by QuickTime (excluding MPEG-4)
-QuickTime Movie(.mov)
MPEG-1 files recorded with Capty/CaptyTV (0.5-2Mbps) MPEG-1/MPEG-2 files recorded with Capty/CaptyTV (9.8Mbps max) *4

Compatible File Formats: Sound

Sound formats supported by QuickTime
Compatible Drives
PIXELA's drive supporting CD-R writing

PIXELA's drive supporting DVD-R or DVD+R writing



SuperDrive (standard equipped Macintosh SuperDrive) SuperDrive (standard equipped Macintosh SuperDrive)
*1 Recording in MPEG-1 Audio Layer-2 is non-standard in NTSC but can be played back on many DVD players, so please select this if your DVD player supports playback.
*2 Formats supported by the DVD-Video and Video CD standards. With DVD-Video, non-standard MPEG-2 files cannot be used.
*3 The software encoder performs the encoding process and converts files into MPEG format.
Note that QuickTime movies created with QuickTime 7 may not be used with QuickTime 6.
*4 MPEG-1 files can be used even with DVD-Video, but are limited to under 2Mbps.
Some DVD players may not play them back.
*5 If a DVD image or VCD image is generated, writing to unsupported drives using Roxio's "Toast" is also possible.

Authoring Functions

Video CD
Menu Style Choose from template Choose from template
Menu Components Text, Movie Title Buttons, Slideshow Title Buttons, Menu Move Buttons Text, Movie Title Buttons, Slideshow Title Buttons, Menu Move Buttons
Menu Back Ground Music
Select sound file Select sound file
Custom Menu Background
Title/Chapter Buttons Button Title Input
Character Font
Font Size
Font Style
Font Color
Shadow (With direction) (With direction)
Thumbnail Insert specific scene Insert specific scene
Design Selectable from template Selectable from template
Button Name Display On/Off On/Off
Text Button
Still Image Slideshow Music
Interval (Switch Time) Set from 4-20 seconds Set from 4-20 seconds
Synchronized with sound Synchronized with sound
Image Size Original/Auto adjust Original/Auto adjust
Title Display Set within application On/Off with remote control
Playback Auto-playback On/Off On/Off
Title Movie
(Opening Movie)
On/Off On/Off
Continuous Playback On/Off On/Off
Button Selection Selection Order Auto Auto
Menu List Menu Addition
Menu Deletion
Writing Export Disc Image
Video TS


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The Capty Series for Mac is designed to be an integrated solution to your DVD workflow. Keep all your DVD authoring software in one box and order the complete suite of software products.






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