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Capty DVD/VCD 2


Capty DVD/VCD 2


The complete solution for creating interactive DVD menus

Creating menus for your DVDs has never been easier. Capty DVD/VCD 2 creates professional title menus with your favorite images, buttons and sounds. Use your own images or select from an abundance of ready made professional templates. Capty DVD/VCD 2 is the final touch in creating your own professional DVDs.

For Capty DVD/VCD 2 compatible with Sony HDD camcorders, click here.




Create moving DVD menu buttons


Create and import scenes from Capty MPEG Edit Ex or your favorite movie editor to present professional DVD menu buttons.




Capty MPEG Edit EX

Capty DVD/VCD2


Instant use from the abundance of free templates


"Capty DVD/VCD 2" provides you with a large variety of templates. Button layout will automatically be arranged depending on the number of buttons you create in the Title menu. You can switch between templates with just one click on a different template.


Create your Title Menu with your favorite images and customized buttons


While you can create menus using the templates, with "Capty DVD/VCD 2" you can also layout your own original menu by utilizing the button templates and using your favorite pictures as the menu background.

Choose "Free Layout" to arrange buttons and text in the menu screens in your own way.


Button Builder

*You can create your original button with images you create with the bundled ButtonBuilder or any graphic software.
You can also specify a frame as a thumbnail of a title button.

Specifying a frame in the movie you placed will set a thumbnail automatically.


Quick Access to Your Favorite Scenes Using the Chapter Menu


You can specify the header of a movie by inserting a marker. A maximum of 97 markers per movie can be inserted.
When you create markers, marker thumbnails will be added to the Marker list window.

This Chapter menu works the same way as the Title menu, which means that in one movie, you can create a menu with access to 99 scenes. It is also possible to set makers without a Chapter menu, which can then be operated with the skip button of the DVD player's remote control.

You can set as many as 30 Chapter menu screens.


For Digital Camera Pictures, Create a Video Album in Slideshow Format


With "Capty DVD/VCD 2", you can use photos taken with a digital camera as well as scanned still pictures to create a video album in Slideshow format.

In your DVD Video Album, you can display or hide titles of contents with the caption button of the remote control.

Apply sound and now you have a slideshow with music in the background.



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About Capty


The Capty Series for Mac is designed to be an integrated solution to your DVD workflow. Keep all your DVD authoring software in one box and order the complete suite of software products.






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