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ImageMixer™ mini DVD Dubbing 8-12


Convert your mini DVDs to full sized DVDs!

ImageMixer™ mini DVD Dubbing 8-12 makes converting all your mini 8 cm DVDs to regular sized 12 cm DVDs easy.





What is ImageMixer™ mini DVD Dubbing 8-12?

All DVD camcorders use 8 cm or mini DVD discs to record video and still images. Most home and PC DVD players do not support this unique format. ImageMixer™ mini DVD Dubbing 8-12 transfers data from 8 cm to 12 cm DVDs in its original file format.


* Copy-protected discs can not be dubbed.

* DVD+VR discs are converted to DVD-Video format while being dubbed. The menu display on the dubbed disc is different from what is displayed on your DVD camcorder.

* The following discs are compatible for reading with ImageMixer mini DVD Dubbing 8-12.

- Discs created by using DVD video cameras.
- Discs created by using ImageMixer mini DVD Dubbing 8-12.


Dubbing Function (DVD Disc Copying)

You can use one of the following methods to dub images and movies onto 12 cm DVDs.

* The dubbing method varies depending on the format of the original disc and the DVD disc drive you are using.

1. Direct Dubbing: Copy DVDs through your computer
(Supported format: DVD-Video)

Contents of the original disc are directly dubbed onto a 12 cm DVD disc while being loaded to the computer from the camcorder.

Tip: This is useful if you would like to create a single copy of the original disc in a short period of time.

2. Indirect Dubbing: Load the contents of the original DVD onto your computer and copy them onto 12 cm DVDs
(Supported formats: DVD-Video / DVD-VR / DVD+VR)

The contents for the original DVD are saved in your computer first and then copied onto 12 cm DVDs later.

Tip: If you plan to create multiple copies of the original disc, then the total dubbing time will be shorter than the one required for the direct dubbing method mentioned above.

You can download a copy of the manual here.

Imx mini DVD Dubbing 8-12 OperationGuide.pdf



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